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Labor, Love & P*leisure in times of loss and uncertainty. 

Edited by Nashilongweshipwe Mushaandja, Katharina Fink & Nadine Siegert.

A3 poster with poem by Beauty Boois and handwritten quotations by all authors included. 


This volume comes from an impulse of needing to think, imagine and feel care whilst living through several global pandemics: COVID-19, racism, femicide, queercide, climate crisis. The years are 2020 and 2021 and sud- denly the need for radical care is heightened. These years remind- ed us about the relational ethics needed for cultivating and engaging with care. Caring for others is caring for the self. Care is a verb, meaning that it is a sensorial and shared practice in principle. While care and caring seem to be essential aspects of humanity, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa’s theorisation of care reminds us that care is ambivalent, complex and speculative because it means different things to different people.

The Issue with Care

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