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We do not sell via amazon.

You can directly order your books here on this website of at your local bookshop. 

We ship globally, which sometimes takes a little while. 

Find a link to our recent catalogue here. 

Our Series

The series art presents monographs of contemporary artists whose aesthetic practises spark societal discourses. One focus is on perspectives from the Global South.

In the series discourse, our authors engender musings about the future(s) and reflect on recent debates within the fields of aesthetics, society, the arts and politics.

Critical engagements with not only museum collections, but also with art and academic archives are presented through the series collections.

Pleasure celebrates the expressions of freedom, love, sex and desire in all imaginable forms.

The series scholar publishes recent academic positions, as well as re-editions of older texts, from subjects such as art, philosophy or spirituality.

zines by iwalewabooks

The zines by iwalewabooks bring positions from fine arts, photography, literature and other fields into dialogue. Each issue deals with an aesthetically and politically urgent matter and offers possible constellations of of arts and academia, politics and aesthetics, activism and philosophy. iwalewabooks zines wish to push and pull you - to think, react, write into the zine, to get into discussion.

In addition, we publish out-of-band, a series of smaller projects that that would be too good not to be shared.

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