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In July 2017 the South African Equality Court dismissed charges of Hate Speech against Goldendean's exhibition of a poster using the words "Fuck White People" in the Iziko National Gallery.The Chief Magistrate found that the work's context, as art, brought attention to structural racism and white supremacy, and drew South Africans to a "critical moment of self-reflection". Goldendean presents PLAN B, A GATHERING OF STRANGERS (OR) THIS IS NOT WORKING reflecting on the affects of their performance of the very simple acts of dissidence in a transgressive Fat Queer White Trans Body. The book explores how strategies of Technology as Self-Reflection and Radical Sharing, Queer Love and Queer Disobedience contribute to "making whiteness strange" by destabilising the normal invisibility of whiteness to bring white bodies under surveillance.


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Goldendean: Plan B. A Gathering of Strangers (Or) This Is Not Working

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