Berlin-based photo-artist Ves_OFF followed our invitation to do a home visit to Iwalewahaus, a space for contemporary art from Africa and its diaspora, located in Bayreuth/Germany. With the help if his analogue Pentax Asahi, Ves_OFF found beauty in the hidden spots and in the minute details of a museum building dating to the early 20th century. The photographer about his experience:
"The Character Is Beauty- project was the first shooting with my then freshly acquired Pentax Asahi. I had long been looking for the apt moment to challenge the new camera. The Iwalewahaus plays a big role in my life: So much art, so much education, so many beautiful people. And so many extremely beautiful details in this building. Some of those I indeed only saw through the finder of my camera. This project has been one of the most beautiful and harmonious of my photographic work."

Iwalewa: Character is beauty. A postcard series by Ves_OFF

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  • 105 mm x 148mm