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Our silk screen manifesto arrived!

Full of excited anticipation we received The Strategic Manifesto prints today. As in a surgery we carefully opened the package with a scalpel. The results are shimmering and amazing! Thanks to Emeka Adams for creating the look of The Strategic Radicals Manifesto, to the lustrous design by Karl- Heinz Best of mind the gap! design and to Renate Vogl for printing! And to the anonymus collective of the strategic radicals.

We hope you love the prints just as we do. The English edition comes with metallic shimmering green text on lime background, the French edition with metallic lustrous bronze text on dark rosé background. Each edition is in the format of 420mmx 594mm - just your size! Next languages available are Turkish, Yoruba and Spanish. Watch this space - and secure your beautiful print now!

Detail of the manifesto silk-screen print  in lime
Detail of the manifesto

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